When Will The World End?....Are You Scared, Too, of Future World and Bible Prophecy Events?
What You Need To Know!

At Last . . . Someone Has Unlocked The Secrets That Reveal
The Amazing Bible Truth About
How And When The World Will End!

You�ve probably heard bits and pieces about possible events that may trigger the end of world as we know it.

You may have questions like . . .

  • Is it possible to know how to interpret current events?
  • Can we know in advance what future events will come?
  • How will the events play out . . . and what kinds of disasters can we expect?
  • More importantly . . . is there a way you can survive these events?

Dear Friend,

Fear rises when the future is unknown and rumors of impending doom spread like wildfire.

But you can reduce any fears or anxiety you may have about today�s events and the coming tragic events by gaining knowledge and preparing ahead of time how to handle the events.

You can learn the answers to your questions and more by watching
The Final Events of Bible Prophecy DVD.

This 43 minute DVD is broken into seven segments, giving you the chronological order of how the final events will unfold. They include . . .

Daniel Revelation Bible Prophecy DVD
  • The Final Signs
  • The World Polarized
  • Probation Closes
  • The King Returns
  • The Millennium
  • The End of Sin
  • The New Earth

This DVD brings to life the reality of the coming events. It shows the battles that will ensue . . . the battles between God and Satan and how it plays out on the planet earth.

This multi-language documentary includes the following audio tracks: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Mandarin, Chinese, and Bulgarian. Subtitles are available in English, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian.

Whether you are a Christian or not, you will appreciate the clarity of how the events are portrayed.

"I believe in prophecy and used to have anxiety attacks just watching the news. I hated thinking about when the world will end. I was so afraid of everything I heard about. It's really scary and I hear so much now-a-days about bible prophecy coming true, but I learned how to deal with the fear when I saw the DVD, it helped to relieve my attacks. I now know what to do. I will order copies for my friends and family. Some of them have talked about their fears, too!"

Thanks to the Bible Prophecy DVD, I would recommend this DVD to anyone who is as scared as I was. Please don't let your fears and phobias about how the world will end get the best of you until you see this DVD!
It's great! "

Doreen Henry,
Bible Educator

But what about you . . . how will you handle the spiritual battles and the physical battles?

Gaining Knowledge Gives You Power

What information do you need to know to make informed decisions?

In order to educate you on spiritual matters, there�s more included on this DVD than just the documentary movie. It also includes:

  • Great study guides
  • Lots of reference material

Plus . . .

Included in this package is a separate CD � Panorama of Prophecy � The Ultimate Bible Study Resource.

This unique easy to use program is illustrated with hundreds of vivid Bible pictures and is also ideal for the whole family. Using the revolutionary new Storacles of Prophecy lessons, this exciting study will help you clearly understand the primary end time prophecies in the books of Daniel and Revelation.

You will learn the amazing truths regarding:

Free Cd � The Ultimate Bible Study Resource
  • The Beast
  • The Rapture
  • The Millennium
  • The King Returns
  • The Mark and 666
  • The Origin of Evil
  • Revelation�s Angels
  • The Future of Israel
  • . . . and much more . . .

This Panorama of Prophecy CD also contains:

  • Free Bible Software
    • More than $100 worth of Quick Verse Bible search software by Parson�s Technology
  • Free Resource Library
    • King James Version of the Bible
    • Strong�s Concordance
    • Matthew Henry Bible Commentaries
    • Greek and Hebrew Dictionary
    • Easton�s Dictionary
    • Dozens of Amazing Facts booklets on the major topics of the Bible
    • Hundreds of pages of Bible commentary with prophetic insight
  • Free Prophecy Course
    • 24 Interactive studies based on the popular �Storacles of Prophecy� study guides
    • Narrated, illustrated, and easy to use

But wait . . . there�s still more!

There are so many questions to be answered regarding the end times that no single packet of information can provide all the insights and answers.

So . . . to conclude this package of information we are including the following 10 CD�s to help you fully understand the intricacies of the end times as described in the Bible.

  • The Beast of Revelation 13
  • The Maid, The Moon, The Monster
  • Five Words Astounding The World
  • The United States in Prophecy
  • The Priest, His Confessional and the Church
  • The Mystery Number 666
  • The Mark of the Beast
  • The Lord�s Day
  • The Scarlet Woman of Revelation 17
  • Armageddon

Here�s A Recap Of This Entire Package

Whew! We know there�s a lot of content that you will receive in this package. It�s all contained in 3 main pieces:

  1. The Final Events of Bible Prophecy DVD ($100 value)
  2. Panorama of Prophecy � The Ultimate Bible Study Resource CD (valued at more than $100)
  3. A Set of 10 CD�s ($100 value)

Our heart�s desire is to share this information with you so you can gain the knowledge you need to relieve any fears of the future and be able to take control of your future.

And we think you will agree that the price we charge for this package (with free shipping...in U.S.A. Only...International Shipping Rates Applied.) . . . only $19.97 . . . will allow you to buy this package today.

With the way world events are deteriorating and rumors of wars are constantly popping up . . . you can�t afford to think that the �end times� aren�t close at hand.

It�s time to . . . get educated . . . learn the truths about how the end events will unfold . . . and decide how you will handle the upcoming turmoil.

Remember, your spiritual decision will not only affect your eternal life, but also how you will be able to handle the upcoming events.


Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you�re not 100% satisfied with these products . . . within 30 days you can return these items. No questions asked. And an immediate refund will be given.

But we believe that once you obtain the knowledge from the DVD and CD�s in this package, you will be so grateful that your fears have been relieved . . . that you�ll be sharing these products with your loved ones!

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Warmest regards,

Jim Donald

P.S. Don�t be confused and worried about your future! Learn the facts!
Make informed decisions!

P.P.S. Remember, you�re getting The Final Events Prophecy DVD, the Panorama of Prophecy CD, and a 10 CD Set (a total value of over $300)
for only $19.97 . . . and this price includes free shipping!(in U.S.A. Only... With International Shipping Rates Applied - $34.97.)

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